"Liminality", my exhibition of new work, is on display until May 29.
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Encaustic Mixed Media

About the Art

Candace’s encaustic mixed-media work combines wax with various materials and found objects to explore the juxtaposition of the man-made and the abstract. Some of her works are intuitive and free-flowing, with a layered, atmospheric feel that is unique to this ancient art form. In others, there is a more formal organization that reaches back to her training in architectural illustration. Candace embeds rust prints in the encaustic, often with figure drawings or rusted hardware. Transferring rust from an object to paper creates a beauty of color and pattern that evokes a rebirth from industrial decay and is a metaphor for childhood roots and memories. She also plays with the concept of a “meme”—a cultural idea that spreads, akin to a virus—by incorporating shredded writings in the encaustic.
—“Improvisus” Exhibition at ARC Gallery (Chicago, IL)

What’s New

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Art During a Pandemic

No workshops. No events. No gallery shows. No art during a pandemic? Not on my watch! While it's true that I've had to cancel in-studio workshops since March 2020, I'm looking to get back to teaching workshops—now online starting next year. I'm also deciding the best...

Encaustic Painting Workshop

Start off an exciting new year with the first workshop at my studio: “Encaustic Painting” on Saturday January 27, 2018. If you are new to encaustic and have thought about trying it to see how it fits into your creative offerings, this is the workshop for you. Even if you’ve had some experience, but haven’t been working with it for awhile, this could be a great time to “brush up” on the basics of this lovely medium.

Encaustic Collagraph Workshop

Expand your art with Encaustic! Join visual artists Candace Law and Melissa Rian on Saturday and Sunday, November 18-19 for a two-day advanced encaustic collagraph workshop and learn more about this technique of working with an ancient art form using hot wax.

Art for the Holidays

Artwork on View November 3 – December 30, 2017
First Grabs Friday: November 3, 5-9 pm
Noel Night: December 2, 5-10 pm
Presented by Detroit Artists Market, Detroit, MI

104th Annual Gold Medal Exhibition

Exhibition on View November 15, 2017 – January 6, 2018
Artist Reception: Friday, November 17, 5-8 pm
Gallery Talk: Thursday, November 30, 6 pm
Juror: Dennis Nawrocki
Presented by The Scarab Club, Detroit, MI

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