Online Workshops

Abstracting Nature in Your Chosen Medium

Are you interested in exploring the possibilities of abstract art? Does nature inspire your artistic creations?

Delve into the art of abstraction, using nature as your initial subject matter. Learn to move in a new direction, away from representational and toward a more abstract style, thus broadening artistic inner vision and creative vocabulary. Through a series of lessons, participants will choose a subject in nature (flowers, water, sky, etc.) and create an abstract composition while focusing on a single artistic element (color, shape, line, etc.). Participants will begin by taking photographs of the week’s topic and then create an abstract work in their chosen medium. The instructor will present a video lecture each week, which will include a demonstration. and photographs of in-process and finished work will be posted by participants. Online discussion, comments, and critiques will be encouraged. Note: participants may use any type of camera they wish, including a film or digital SLR, a point-and-shoot, or a cell phone camera.

Instructor: Candace Law
Six Weeks: October 9 to November 19, 2017
Fee: $190
Enrollment Limit: 8

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