Art : Dialog “Steal Like An Artist”

Art : Dialog is an opportunity for you to gather with other Detroit-area artists to talk about “all things art” and to share your work other, like-minded artistsThe meeting is free and open to anyone interested in connecting with working artists.

The featured topic for the first half of the session is “Steal Like An Artist”. Picasso famously said, “Art is theft”, and we’ll use a TEDx talk by author and artist Austin Kleon as a jumping-off point for what is likely to be a spirited discussion further exploring sources of creativity. Who inspires you? How do ideas find their way into your own work? Is it more important where you take creative ideas to than where they come from? There will be ample opportunity, too, for casual conversation and discussion of other topics, including exhibition opportunities, must-see shows, studio tips, and good reads.

For the second half of the meeting, if you choose, you may bring one or more pieces of your work to just share with us or to receive honest, constructive feedback from others.

We will be gathering at Color | Ink Studio, located at 20919 John R Rd. in Hazel Park—two short blocks north of 8 Mile on the west side of John R at the corner of George Ave. The entrance is on the south (8 Mile) side of the building, with ample parking in the lot and additional parking available on the side streets. Coffee, tea, water and light snacks will be available.​

Please RSVP by registering so we can be sure to have enough seats for everyone. And feel free to invite others!